Friday, March 25, 2011

{Your Feet Are BEAUTIFUL}

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news."-Romans 10:15, the title of our blog. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-beautiful, God thinks our feet our beautiful! That probably sounds, well kinda crazy, but it is sooo much deeper & beyond the words in this verse alone. Now, I am sure Heather would agree with me when I say our feet didn't always look or feel beautiful on our trip last year as this verse sais. We walked through mud, yucky water, unsanitary dirt & cobblestoned roads. I can even remember taking a boat ride across a gorgeous lake to a remote little village where on one side of the road they had dumped human waste down the side. Even past the physical part, we encountered ground where hurt & broken people gathered,where drunk & sick people were seeking after something. Our feet, I wouldn't consider them beautiful, But contrary to what I think, God tells me differently, He calls my feet beautiful. Heather and I are missionaries called by God Himself to do things we can't even fathom & I think that is the exciting part-not knowing, but embracing every STEP in the journey as it falls among me, even if it means walking through unidentable "stuff" or loving and surrounding myself with drunk, broken, & hurt people. As long as I can bring them the good news-GOD's unsurpassable LOVE, my heart is full & according to God, my feet are beautiful, and everything my feet encountered was worth it-ALL for the glory of God!!!

{94} days, it's gunna fly by & I am so excited!! A little overwhelmed, but more excited!! During this time I want my feet to "stay beautiful" because whether or not I'm in a desolate, remote, third-world country, still there are broken people waiting to hear that good news & it's my responsibility to serve as a missionary no matter where I am. The next 94 days or so that I'm in the United States are going to be spent preparing--preparing my heart, my soul,my mind, my strength--and of FEET!!!Hehe. Less of me, more of Him, that's what it all comes down to. Please join with me the next 94 days in preparing, because God is always waiting for people to step up and "BE" the body of Christ whether it be in Ecuador or in your hometown, someone ALWAYS NEEDS to not only hear about God and His love, but also SHOWN His love & the latter one is way more important, faith without deeds is dead!!!


  1. Oh, Lahni! After reading this, I couldn't help but laugh and tear up with joy, knowing that we only have 94 days for the trip. 94 days, as you said, to prepare our hearts & minds for our lives to be turned upside-down in a Godly way. 94 days to pray for the hearts and minds of people in Ecuador to be ready to hear and accept the Gospel.

    I am sooo excited, girlie. :)

  2. I know Heather!!!I am soooo excited & can't wait for my life to be turned upside down:))AHhh,I love you girl!!I can't wait to see you...oh and about that letter...:((((...It will come one of these days,LOL>LOVE YOU!!!

  3. oh and one more thing,LOL...I am praying to be on the same team as you:))And maybe in the same room:))Love ya!

  4. I love you toooo! haha, i am still anticipating the lovely letter ;D. i can't wait to see you either....seriously, i don't think i can wait. haha oh goodness, if we end up on the same team/room i will literally squeal and jump up and down with joy. hehehe love you bunches <3