Thursday, July 7, 2011

And yet, another amazing day has occurred.

How many amazing days can occur in a row?  Apparently a lot of them.  Today was great! :)

This morning, we had an early breakfast and then team time.  Then we left for ministry!  It's funny how God's plans are so different than ours.  Our first plan was to go to the Plaza (a popular spot in Quito) and do the drama three times.  Well, we went to the Plaza and did it once.  I was able to (for the first time on this trip) personally lead someone to Christ, which was SO great.  One of the leaders started this thing he calls a treasure hunt.  Basically, you ask God to bring to mind a few pieces of criteria.  For example; fence, blue shirt, glasses.  Whatever God first brings to your mind, that's the person you're looking for.  So, in the example given, I would look for someone sitting by or leaning on a fence (or something like that), wearing a blue shirt and glasses.  Anyways, the lady I led to Christ met my friend's treasure hunt criteria, and she was the one who grabbed my hand and took me ovre to talk to her.  It was a really great experience. 

Well, then we realized it wasn't a great time to be in the Plaza.  I won't say everything that happened, but it wasn't so great (nor was it safe for us to be there).  While we waited for the bus, the girls huddled against a wall and the guys stood around us.  Then we booked it for the bus.  So much for doing the drama there again! 

After lunch, we went in front of the Basilica, which is the largest catholic church in Ecuador.  It's GORGEOUS.  A group of us, when we originally ventured out to find a bathroom, were able to take lots of pictures :).  Then. we found a bathroom inside of a little store that we ended up shopping in for quite a while.  I bought a few little things for myself :). 

After that, our original plan was to go back to the Plaza, until we drove by to discover team 1 was already there.  Obviously, God didn't want us there.  We went to a gorgeous park and did the drama twice.  In the park, there were ice cream and cotton candy stands.  Do the math, and you could probably figure out that we ate a LOT of sugar.  But the best part of it all was that, even though we hit plenty of speed bumps, the salvation count for just our team was 27 for today.  God is so good!

My day only gets better.  After we got back to the hotel, two of our LITs took my roommates and I accross the street to a restaurant called Crepes and Waffles for dinner!  We had a LOT of fun spending time together.  Of course, after dinner we had to run to get to FUAGNEM, but it was totally worth it. 

At FUAGNEM, Susie talked about how we are to be the bride of Christ.  Then, we had a wedding celebration, and each and every one of us were wed to Christ.  We each recieved a sticker to put in our Bible with our "vows" and we each got a ring which is a nail bent into a circle.  It was so amazing. 

Tomorrow we get to go to an orphanage!  I'm SO SO SO excited!  It's going to be amazing.  It's also bittersweet, though, knowing it's our last ministry day together.  I can't believe how quickly the trip went by.  I'm going to miss my team so much, but I am excited to see my family and friends back home.

Another quick prayer request.  I seem to have misplaced my devotional book for the trip.  I had it last night at FUAGNEM, brought it into my room, and now I can't find it anywhere (i''ve literally taken every single thing out of all of my bags and I can't find it anywhere).  PLEASE pray that i'll find it by tomorrow night for FUAGNEM since I didn't have it tonight! 

Love you all.  :)

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  1. I feel like I keep saying the same thing to you, but WOW!!! Heather praise God! That is SO awesome. I know you only have one more day of ministry, but keep strong - God can do a ton of things in one day through your team (as you have already seen).

    Glad you all are ok from the plaza incident - thats what guys are for, right? ;o)

    Miss you SO MUCH. Enjoy every last moment of the trip. I wish I was there to give everyone huge hugs.

    xoxo Lexi