Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 1 & 2 of ministry

Well, the past two days have been AMAZING, to say the least. 

Yesterday, there were still a good chunk of people missing from my team because of flight difficulties.  At team time, we were informed that we were still going to do the drama.  The LITs filled in for all of the missing parts.  "Flexibility" has most definitely been the word of the week!  During team time, guess who came and joined us?  None other than Britt Nicole (and her friend, Gabby)!  They ended up traveling with us the whole day and ministered right beside us. 

Britt was one of the most amazing people I've ever met.  She's so bold for Christ and went right up to people and shared the gospel with them.  At one point, we were praying for a lady, and Britt was leading us in prayer.  Tears started pouring down the lady's face, and after the prayer, she said "I am content."  Three small words that meant SO much.  It was so great to minister to people and see how God worked through us.  We also played duck, duck, goose with a group of kids, painted faces, and played any game we could think of.  The kids had so much fun and the smiles on their faces were priceless. 

This morning, everyone from our team had finally arrived and we were able to go and minister as a full team.  We went to a GORGEOUS park.  There were swings, a zip-line, and these little car things that you pedaled to move around.  I drove in one, and it was so much fun.  We did the drama three times, all in different parts of the park. 

After one of the drama performances, I saw my friend Taylor sitting next to a guy who watched the drama, so I grabbed a translator and ran over.  We were talking to him and basically he didn't understand how God could love him.  He thought that God would have to punish him because of all the sins he has committed and what he's struggling with, and that he didn't feel God working in his life.  When we explained to him that Jesus paid the penalty for all of our sins, he said "what a sacrifice."  Then, after talking to him some more, he placed his hand over his heart and said "I feel it now."  (Turns out he spoke english and we didnt need a translator in the first place...haha.)  We prayed for him and told him that we would be praying for him, and he kept saying "gracias, gracias, gracias!"  Then he took off one of his bracelets and gave it to me.  We also got a picture with him.  When he walked away, he had a huge smile on his face.  It was so cool to see how God worked through us to bring this man closer to Him.

At the park, we also played with a ton of kids, which was so much fun.  They are so sweet and love to hang out with us.  One more quick cool story.  The leaders met a blind man and went to pray for him.  Turns out, he is so filled with joy and peace, that he was able to minister to the leaders and LITs who prayed with him more than they ministered to him.  God is so good. 

Tomorrow is a day of rest.  Hallelujah!  I can't wait to sleep in and take a day off of the craziness.  Sorry I haven't been updating much, I've hardly had any free time (which is why I'm so excited to take a day off tomorrow!). 

Love you all, and thank you SO MUCH for the prayers.  Ya'll are amazing :).


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  2. Heather I am sitting here thanking God for what He has already done during this trip. So amazing and so cool that you were able to share that day with Britt Nicole too. Glad the whole team is now there and hope you enjoy your free day today - take time to relax before this busy week!

    love you and praying!
    xoxox Lexi