Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 3 of ministry (and Sunday!)

Yesterday, we had a lovely day of "rest." I didn't feel so relaxed after Britt Nicole's concert, though.  It was AMAZING,  She has such an incredible heart for God and spent time personally praying for each person standing at the front of the stage (which was everyone who arrived late due to flight problems).  She also had a short message which was incredible.  Then I stood in line for an hour to get her autograph, but it was worth it.  She and her friend Gabby are so sweet.  It was a blessing to meet them both.

Today, my team went to an elementary school and did the drama.  We also played with them, made balloon hats/swords, painted faces, and just loved on them.  They were all so sweet and very welcoming.  After the drama was explained and the kids were dismissed to do whatever they wanted, they all basically attacked us and introduced themselves to us.  It was very sweet. 

Then it started raining, so we went back to the bus and had lunch.  After lunch, we were going to do the drama but it didn't work out, so we went to the highest point in Quito, which is a monument type of thing with a huge statue.  The entire team went up there and prayed over the city.  It was so powerful.  From where we were standing, we could see the ENTIRE city and all the surrounding mountains.  God's creation is so beautiful and I was speechless at the sight of it.  One thing that really struck me while looking over the city was how many houses and buildings there were, and in each of the houses and buildings are people, and God created EACH and EVERY ONE of those people.  He loves them and knows every detail about them.  They were created in His image, and yet most of them don't even know that.  They don't know how valuable they are, and that's why we're here. 

Of course we had to have a little fun as well.  We took plenty of pictures looking over the mountain and some other random ones.  But on the way to the monument from the school, a few of the guys had a little dance off.  We all spent lots of time laughing and enjoying eachother's company.  My team is SO great and we all have lots of fun together. 

Tomorrow I have no idea what we're doing.  But on wednesday, I'm going white water rafting and zip-lining!  I'm super excited and a bit nervous at the same time, considering I've never done either of those things.  I'm sure it will be lots of fun, though :). 

Thank you so much for all the prayers and support.  Please continue to be praying for all of us!


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