Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No words (:

Today has been SO amazing!  This morning, I got up, ate breakfast, and left for the excursion!  It was a two hour bus ride, during which I slept most of the time until we got about 30 minutes away.  As we were going through the mountains, I was astounded by the beauty of God's creation.  The way the clouds cover up the mountain tops and the river runs through the valley is so perfect and beautiful.

There  were two buses, and that is what split us up between the activities.  My bus group went white water "rafting" first.  It ended up not being rafts on which we were floating down the river.  Basically, there were 6 tubes tied together to form a hexagon type of thing, and we had to sit in the middle of where three tubes met, put our legs accross the tube, and hold on to the ropes.  It was a blast!  The water was FREEZING, but we still had a fantastic time. 

Then we had pb&j for lunch (shocker, eh? ;D), and prepared ourselves for zip-lining.  Oh, but the fun part was getting to the zip lining station,.  There were 5 pick-up trucks with bars around the back.  We stuffed into the back and rode on the very bumpy road to get there.  That was an adventure in and of itself!  Once we got there, I was ridiculously excited and kinda scared, but I just wanted to get out there and do it.  As soon as the guide let go of me and I flew over the canyon, I literally laughed out loud.  The entire day felt like an amazing dream.  I was able to view God's creation from way up high; and let me tell you, it was stunning. 

There were 13 stations for the zip-line.  We basically zip-lined from mountain to mountain and back to the original station again.  We had to hike from the end of one station to the beginning of the next, and somne of the hikes were quite difficult, but still rewarding in the end.  I had a great nap on the way back to the hotel :).

As soon as our bus arrived, I grabbed all my stuff and walked up to the door to see all of the guys from my team there to greet me (and the two other girls who went with me) with a bouquet of flowers, a bracelet, and a note for us.  They each had huge grins on their faces and were very ready to give us our gifts (and a hug, of course). I kinda wished I wasn't all sweaty and didn't have hair that looked like I just woke up, but it was still fantastic and so adorable. 

After dinner and a shower, I quickly threw up my hair in a random way for crazy hair night.  It wasn't very creative, but I'm always so amused by everyone else's hair.  One of my LITs, Glenn, shaved part of his head in the shape of a cross and then died other parts blue.  It gave us all a good laugh :). 

I have no clue what we're doing tomorrow, but I'm sure it will be awesome.  I can't wait to share with you all! 

Quick prayer request.  My back has been really sore all day today, so if you could be praying that I will be healed for the ministry day tomorrow, that would be great :D. 

Love you all! :)

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  1. sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!! wow - I can only imagine how beautiful that must have been to see. sooooo lukcy. :) Glad you are having such a great time!!! the guys on my team did the same thing last year. :)

    haha glenn...only glenn.

    miss you and praying for the rest of the trip!!!!!
    xoxox Lexi